2019.01   RCA 2019 WIP Show RCA Radstock Building, London, UK

2020.07   Wake up in 2020(Wake up in 2020), Hangzhou, China

2020.07   RCA online graduation exhibition 2020 https://2020.rca.ac.uk/students/yilin-shi/ Selected and commented by Andreas Gurksy as one of his favorite works 

2020.08   With Fists, it Kicks, It Bites RCA2020 Photography Physical Graduation Exhibition Edel Assanti Gallery, London, UK

2020.09   Source Magazine participated in the graduate work submission and was nominated by The Tate International Art Curator Assistant Sarah Allen. The work was showed on their official website and physical magazine

2020.09-10  Londongradsnow, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK

2020.10    Interviewed by Foto Video China and published in 2020.10 issue

2020.10-11  Sensation in Between, Arthill Gallery, London, UK

2020.12-2021.01  New Horizon-Young Designers Exhibition, Coast Gallery, Zhuhai, China

2020.12-2021.01  Escape From No.188, Bibliotheque de tresor, Shanghai, China

2021.01-03   New Abstraction-Group Exhibition, Marie’s Art Museum, Shanghai, China